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Leader Journey

About ME

My leadership style is one in which education and personal development are valued as integral parts of an organization's success. I believe that a truly effective leader is one who is committed to creating a culture of continuous learning, both for themselves and for their team members.

To that end, my leadership vision is centered around three key principles:

  1. Empowerment: As a leader, I strive to empower my team members to take ownership of their own learning and development. By providing them with the resources, support, and autonomy they need to succeed, I believe that we can unlock their full potential and drive positive change within our organization.

  2. Collaboration: I believe that learning and development are most effective when they are collaborative efforts. By fostering a culture of open communication and teamwork, I aim to bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table and leverage the collective knowledge and experience of my team members.

  3. Innovation: I see learning and development as an ongoing process of experimentation and iteration. As a leader, I strive to stay at the forefront of new and emerging trends and technologies in education, and to apply that knowledge to create cutting-edge, effective learning experiences for my team members.


With these principles in mind, my goal is to create an organization in which all team members feel supported and motivated to learn, grow, and contribute to the success of the company.

Check out the words of my current and former colleagues below. 

Saisree Rekapalli,

Dell Technologies

"Kristine consistently goes above and beyond, producing outstanding results and introducing innovative ideas that significantly contribute to the team's success. Her customer-centric approach ensures timely delivery and client satisfaction. Kristine's collaborative spirit makes her a pleasure to work with. She consistently goes above and beyond to support colleagues, creating a positive and dynamic work environment. Kristine’s clear communication style ensures effective collaboration, making her an asset to any team."

Lauren Robinson, Salesforce

"Kristine is one of the greatest people managers I've ever had! She has been a great source of mentorship and support. Working with her has contributed greatly to my growth as a professional and a learning experience designer."

Kimberly Kesseloff, Stride

“‘Seamless’ is the word that comes to mind when I think about Kristine. Kristine and I had the pleasure of working closely together for the Talent Development Community at Stride Inc. Kristine brought the Stride brand and vision into everything she created. She seamlessly juggled dozens of projects, and supported multiple individuals across teams with her expertise in visual design and user experience. She was especially adept and supportive of accessibility standards and overall product quality. A true asset to any team!"

Haley Penrod,


"Kristine's super power is being able to put the learner's needs first. She always prioritizes accessibility while still making the content fun and engaging (yes- you can do both!). And I would be remiss if I didn't mention her efforts for inclusivity as well. Kristine was diligent in communicating when language was ableist or non-inclusive.

Kristine is a clear communicator and a force for good. She's thoughtful and generous with her time."

Culture of Feedback

In organizations where feedback is regularly implemented, engagement is 60% higher and turnover is 30% lower.

Timely and ongoing feedback is at the core of my management style. I strive to make it easy for colleagues to talk to each other, share observations, creating an environment where giving and receiving feedback comes natural and feels like a normal part of the everyday. I encourage others to have courageous conversations without fear. 

One way of accomplishing this is through SBI Feedback. The format for SBI feedback is as follows:

  1. Situation: Describe the situation or context in which the behavior occurred. 

  2. Behavior: Describe the behavior that you observed. 

  3. Impact: Describe the impact that the behavior had on you, the team, or the organization.


SBI feedback is specific and objective, rather than general or subjective, in order to avoid confusion, misinterpretation and confusion and make the feedback more actionable and effective.

Link to Gallup Study


Employees who feel supported in their professional development and career journey are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work. By providing development and coaching, it helps my direct reports acquire new skills and knowledge that will enable them to perform their jobs more effectively.

I make it a habit to provide resources and actionable steps to help my directs achieve competencies outlined in their development plans. Doing so has led to greater engagement, increased creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. 

But don't just take my word for it, one of my directs described it as follows:

" If our weekly one on ones were a college essay, my development plan would be the works cited page. Not a week goes by that she doesn't tell me about a new opportunity or nudge me out of my comfort zone by bringing up something I said was important to me in my plan.

She's the type of manager who sends you free resources to learn new software related to your dream job or drops your name in a conversation for visibility. She's your biggest cheerleader but also not afraid to switch hats and coach when needed". 

-Ordale Allen

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Coaching and Development outline for one of my directs. The outline includes the desired competency, and ways to discover, plan and act to meet that competency.
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