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Please note: This is just a sampling of my capabilities. Many of my projects are proprietary to my current employer. I'd be happy to share more in the interview stage. 


Infographics are one of my favorite ways to take complex processes and break them down in a way that communicates value.

Select the image to view some examples. 

Learning Clusters (2).png

Learning Design

Breathing life into learning is my passion. With every learning design experience I strive to elevate accessibility, create engaging interactivity and graphics, implement design thinking, and adhere to adult learning principles. 

Select the image to view examples of some of my projects. 



I have created a variety of videos for both marketing and training purposes. 

Select the image to view a sample video gallery. 

Image of Premiere Pro leading to the sample video gallery.

Print Projects and Presentations

Presentations and job aids are some of my favorite projects to work on. I love to ensure consistent branding, visual design principles and accessibility are implemented throughout. 

Select on the image to view some examples of my latest projects. 

Screenshot 2021-09-07 164411.png

Branding and Graphics

Samples of graphics created for courses, social media, websites, and more!

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E-Commerce Website

This is a retail website designed on the Shopify platform. Scull Squared is a 3D Printing business that specializes in wearables for theme parks as well as custom project requests. Primary needs included the capability of a multitude of variants and a custom cart experience. 

To visit the full site select here

Restaurant App Prototype 

Designed in Figma, this project shows a mockup design for a fictitious restaurant app.


Select the image to view the interactions.

Image of a fictional restaurant app prototype created on Figma.
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